Friday night – Peroni and bruschette o’clock

Savellatri Harbour
Restaurant in Savelletri
  • Another day – had a guided tour of San Vito this morning with the Gino who owns the house. It’s all like “Alice through the looking glass” – at times all you see are shuttered doors and the town looks deserted, but when you get behind the doors – wow – we have found fab places for dairy, fish, veges, meat and bread. We were introduced to the owners and assured of the best produce by all – the Italians all have time to meet, greet and be friendly
  • We went to Fasano this afternoon, (recommended Baroque town), and left – we were the only people in town other than some equally lost looking Dutch tourists!! Italy closes from 1 pm to 5 pm.
  • So went to the nearby beach of Savelletri, (see above photos), any guests will be taken here – really nice, heaps of classy looking seafood restaurants and bars, all with seaviews.
  • Just got home and the load of washing has been set free after 2 days of captivity ๐Ÿ™‚
  • The photo below is for Keira – Adrienneย  thinks her new red shoes are FMF’s, but if you come to Italy, you will need to travel very light to have space for shoes on the way home
Adrienne being artistic
  • We are up early tomorrow to go to the weekly Ostuni produce markets – could be exciting – will let you know

4 thoughts on “Friday night – Peroni and bruschette o’clock”

  1. Love those shoes. I have broken my foot, so stuck in a com boot for 5 weeks. Suffering from not being able to wear nice shoes. Keep shopping, Adrienne, at least I can get some joy from looking at your growing collection.

  2. I’m leaving plenty of room in my case for shoes… Did you source them locally Adrienne?

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