Sunday in Puglia

Car park for the local coven
Adrienne pimped her ride
  • Gino, our landlord, makes his own brooms – very popular with the local stregia nonnas, (witches)
  • Adrienne did battle with the washing machine again this morning – I think the machine has her measure 🙁
  • Apart from the shepard interfering with the donkey it is scarily quiet – so we’ve had half a bottle of primativo for lunch and will wander along the beach this arvo
Not a crowded beach today!


3 thoughts on “Sunday in Puglia”

  1. guessing it is a front loading machine they do take a bit of getting use to.. good luck.
    Loving the Posts and the pics looks amazing.

  2. Enjoying the updates- better than a slide night at the end. Pleased to read you are maintaining laundry and housekeeping standards as well as catering and libations.

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