Torre Guaceto – a walk on the wild side

  • Adrienne and I went for a hike in Torre Guaceto reserve this afternoon and the local news headline reads “sixty year old tourist creates new standing high jump record” – yes, Adrienne managed to stand on a snake!! (Twice, got it again on the way down).
  • This was after I had assured her about 30 minutes earlier that there were no snakes in Italy, because she thought she’d seen one, (I got that wrong), and then reassured her after the event that it was not poisonous, (I got that wrong). We now know there are four and they are all poisonous – Adrienne is now on her second wine, and I’m yet to pour one for me!
  • The photos are of the reserve and Medieval watch tower.
Watch tower for marauding Ottomans
Very relaxed – pre-snake jump
Anyone for their own beach?
  • Could have been the last supper, but way to go!


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