Week 3 – Intensive Language week

  • Thursday night and we have just been next door to the Masseria, (big farm house), to buy freshly killed beef and eggs. Typically Italian – rough on the outside, very clean and hygienic inside, but we met the donkeys – they are not cold cuts in Cisternino after all.
We have met il asino and he is two not one, and one is a she not a he ….
  • We got a lot of eggs, meat, sausages and mince for Euro 18. We are having Adrienne’s language school classmates over next week for a BBQ so all good on the supply side. We had looked a little sideways at one of the crops next door and yes, it is cannabis – medicinal, but behind a high wire fence 🙂
  • Adrienne has been doing 4 hours in Ostuni each day, (I go to the pool in Brindisi and hang out with the aqua-aerobics ladies …), but her Italian is getting better. Mine is still 8 words and lots of smiling. I got a haircut yesterday – maybe I wouldn’t now look like Kojak if I knew some more !! Adrienne had offered to write me a note, but I declined on the basis of maintaining some dignity – pity, I might have more hair now if I accepted.
  • But I want to go into this shop
  • We see this every day – if there is only one space but two cars – no problem – we will just angle park in the space. And the fact that they are in someone’s doorway which is no parking just doesn’t matter.
Who says I can’t park here
  • On Monday evening we went to the local church with our landlords for a mass to celebrate the life of Santa Rita de Cascia, (local A lister). People came up to us because we were new, and we even got introduced to the priest, (who was somewhat put out that we are not Catholic), and a tour of the church, but it was really nice to be included in the community.
  • We are doing the Santa Rita family bike ride, (including mass and blessing), on Sunday morning, so will get a picture of Adrienne on a bike – could be funny. Adrienne’s cousin, Pauline, arrives on Saturday for a visit and will join us.
  • The weather is improving so next week we’ll go exploring further away – may even have a night away and go down to Lecce and beyond to the very bottom of the boot.

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