Week 5 – Pizzas Luisa style and Carovigno

  • We finished our four weeks in San Vito dei Normanni in authentic style. Gino and Luisa fired up the forno and we had pizza, focaccia, and bread that could not have been fresher or better.


Still hot – straight from the forno
Luisa doing her best work
  • ¬†We loved the house at San Vito but on Saturday we moved about 10 kms over to the big house just outside of Carovigno. Pauline got straight into the swing of things ….

    Yes, that is the sea you can see through the trees from our patio
  • This is the view from the roof terrace over to Ostuni
    One of the many white hill towns in Puglia

    Reverse direction from Ostuni with Gabrielle from the language school


  • Tuesday we went to Masseria Brancanti – the farm has been in the family for 200 years, but the oldest tree is carbon dated to 1000 BC – pre-Roman!! The farm is organic and most of the trees date to the roman times. We bought olive oil – we now know what to look for and how to taste.

    3000 years old and still producing!!


All olive trees over 500 years old are micro chipped and cannot be felled without a very good reason. You can see the tag at the bottom left.
This is the cave where the olives were pressed for oil – 20 C all year round – perfetto. In continuous operation from the Greeks until about 50 years ago – the roman oil tank is the hole on the right
Lunch in the piazza at Polignano – the white marble pavers are incredible heat reflectors – we were under the umbrellas on the left drinking peroni and prosecco – mad dogs and englishmen …
And if you want to know what makes Polignano a must see !!
Can you spot Adrienne ??
  • We said goodbye to Pauline, (our first house guest), on Wednesday and spent yesterday on the beach. Torre Guaceto is our local and is a really nice beach – clean and quiet.


Torre Guaceto Beach
  • Today is hot and sunny, so with the Campbells and Hughes due here on Sunday we are having a rest day. My weekly dose of WTF came at the supermarket this afternoon – an old nonna walked in with an open bag of something being held together by a clothes peg. She then proceeded to berate the poor bloke on the checkout, handed him the bag, strode into the supermarket, collected the desired replacement, (that looked substantially bigger than the offending bag), and walked out with the new bag while giving him another gob-full. The other customers all just stood there laughing while he tried valiantly, (but in vain), to maintain some semblance of dignity, but was not about to risk life and limb by trying to stop her.

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