Week 8 – Long weekend in Crete

  • We have just had 5 days in Crete – loved it and we are already planning at least a month in Greece on our next “gap year”.
  • We stayed in Chania, in a very nice apartment overlooking the harbour and beach front.
View of Chania beach from our balcony
  • Chania “old town” is tourist shopping Mecca – lots of local crafts, jewellery, leather goods etc – Adrienne will do a post dedicated to all things to buy, eat and wear in Crete.
  • The whole island is “Bali-on-steroids” in terms of being set up for tourists, so it was all very easy – even the locals all speak English, and unlike Italy there was some semblance of road rules, so great to be able to drive without fearing for your life and take your eyes off the traffic for a few seconds!!
The old town – not a bad way to shop

Every direction is a photo opportunity

  • But all good things must come to end – we headed for the beach ….
  • Chania Beach
Elafonissi Beach
Don’t bother bringing your surfboard to Elafonissi
Georgioupolis Beach
  • But it wasn’t all sunbathing, swimming and drinking beer – we did get amongst the history –
Aptera near Chania – relatively recent – only early Roman – a mere 2000 years ago
Knossos near Heraklion – huge palace built by the Minoans – 6000 years ago!!
  • And the countryside was awesome – high mountains, (snow in the winter), and rugged gorges
Topolia Gorge – note the small handmade tunnel – that’s the road – single lane and don’t look down, (no barriers!!).
And for those wanting a beach wedding, we have the chapel for you
  • And then we had to eat … fantastic seafood and fresh produce, (red wine not as good as Italy but we managed – Adrienne found some okay Rose).
    It’s actually open air – the roof fell in years ago
So there’s a tree in the restaurant – walk around it
Adrienne organising the waiter in Topolia Gorge – it was a very hot day
Snack at the beach – local beer and wine of course
Restaurants line the waterfront in Chania
  • So we walked and walked and walked – shopped, swam, ate and did some sights – had a great time and we will be back!!



5 thoughts on “Week 8 – Long weekend in Crete”

  1. Hi guys, sounds like you are having a ball. Not too much Internet so just peeked at your stuff 👌 Helicopter to a glacier someplace in Alaska today, should get Lorries attention 😂 Stay safe xxx Hudd’s

  2. Best travel blog ever. Leaving for France today, still looking like 25th to join you. Has Adrienne arranged a container to bring back all her wares.

  3. I am happy you had a great time in Chania, I loved this place too and the surrounding, I was there 5 times, but in the moment I am in love with Puglia.

  4. Some great wonderful photo’s I saw on Facebook, food, wine, swimming and sun. I think you have really grasped this transitioning idea Grant, no more lessons needed for you mate 🙂 Lorrie and I arrived back yesterday and from what I can see your place looks just fine.

    Wishing all the Steeles safe travels x
    Phil & Lorrie.

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