Week 11 – Heating up in Carovigno

  • Sunday was Helen and Rob’s last day, so a final day of sightseeing and shopping. We had not been to Gallipoli, so into the car early and off to the Ionian coast for a Sunday drive. Gallipoli proved to be very nice with a very interesting Norman castle and lots of better quality shops in the Centro Storico.
Gallipoli Harbour and Norman Castle
Where old Apes, (pronounced R pay), go to die – Helen, Adrienne and Rob grabbing any shade on offer
  • Helen and Rob left for the long trek back to New Zealand on Tuesday morning and we prepared for Anna and Cally’s Wednesday arrival with a few hours on the beach and another haircut for me. I got Adrienne to come with me and explain “a trim” to the hairdresser, (who did not have a word of english), and success after the almost skinhead first cut about 10 weeks ago.
Our local beach at Santa Sabina is now really filling up with Italians taking their summer vacations – we hear very little english or are we just much quieter?? 
  • Anna and Cally arrived from Munich on Tuesday, so first stop Ostuni for dinner and the first of many mango gelatoes for Cally
  • Ostuni piazza at about 10.30 pm. Due to the heat everyone comes out at night

    I never get sick of this view in Ostuni
  • We moved from Vista Mare on Wednesday morning into the apartment in Carovigno. We thought we would like to be in town for a spell, but it might not be a good idea in the summer heat.
  • Our Vista Mare house was perfect – sea breezes and huge porticos to make being outside bliss
  • And after another afternoon at the beach on Wednesday we went to Alberobello on Thursday to show off the trullis.
Adrienne, Anna and Grant
Anna and Cally at Alberobello
  • Friday was another rest day at the beach, and then Polignano and Monopoli on Saturday. There was heavy incoming traffic on the roads and the beaches are now getting really packed.


Monoploi Beach – not a square metre unfilled by bodies being grilled, roasted and fried
  • Another beach day on Sunday before we had an early birthday dinner for Anna at Masseria Frantoio. No photos, (I was going to get them off Cally but forgot when I took them to the airport at 5 am this morning), but see week 9  with Helen and Rob – the meal was again just fabulous local produce and wines, almost completely different to that we had 2 weeks ago, and we may not eat again until about Wednesday!!
  • Anna and Cally have now gone to Malta before heading home to Australia, so it’s just the two of us for almost two weeks before Joy arrives. We have road trips arranged both to the north and far south of Puglia, but a few days of domestic chores in the meantime.






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