Week 13 – Heatwave in Europe

    • Monday morning we were up early to beat some of the heat and headed south via Gallipoli. We were stunned by the widespread devastation of the olive trees and have found it to be caused by a pathogen called Xylella. Swaths of ancient olive trees are standing dead – around Gallipoli it looks like a moonscape – really sad.
    • We drove down the coastline and arrived to a rather overcast Leuca – bliss!! Leuca is at the very southern tip of “the boot”. It has a lovely “lungomare” waterfront, so we went for a stroll, and up to the lighthouse. This is the point the Adriatic sea meets the Ionian sea.
Leuca from the lighthouse – the waterfall at the front only flows a few times a year, and the statue at the bottom was moved there by Mussolini
After our walk we had lunch. Note the lifeguard doing it tough sitting in the restaurant
  • We were amazed by the many huge villas in the town and with a bit of research found that Leuca was the place for the rich and famous about a century ago. This was to get away from the summer heat in the cities.
Typical “beach house”
  • Tuesday we were up early and walked around the point to the grottoes – you can’t really see them from above but we couldn’t stir ourselves up to taking a boat tour.
Grottoes in the rocks – Pescoluse off in the distance
In the heat you find any spot you can to cool off – even on the rocks
  • We found a really nice sandy beach in Pescoluse and sat under our umbrella watching the poor African and Bangladeshi beach vendors wandering up and down the beach selling anything and everything to make some sort ofΒ  living. The heat is intense and they carry a huge array of sunhats, towels, jewelery, leather goods, toys, sunglasses and more. Some even carry mobile changing rooms so you try stuff on right there on the beach. These poor sods do it really tough, but it must be better than where they are from – pretty sobering.
  • Wednesday we slept in having been kept awake for some time in the night by a couple of Germans having a very loud domestic in the house across the alley. We then headed north up the Adriatic coast and the first 30 kms are stunning scenery – absolutely desolate rocks and cliffs. The next pictures are Canale del Ciolo.
    We decided not to go for a swim because by the time we got back to the top we would be drenched in sweat. The shadow is the bridge we were standing on.

    The swimmer in the red shorts had just jumped from quite high up the cliffs
  • And from this scenery we found the next photo just a few kms up the road – Santa Cesarea Terme – a huge thermal swimming pool complex with restaurants, bars and even a DJ.
Just what you need on a hot day – thermal pools
  • After this it was on to Otranto for some lunch, (read large gelato and berries), in the old town and looking for sandals for Adrienne. She couldn’t find any sandals in any of the ten or so shops selling said footwear, but did manage to find another necklace to match another new dress, (see last weeks visit to the outlet shops) – what luck!
  • Thursday we found a new beach just down from Santa Sabina so headed there. I spotted a buoy about 400 metres off the beach so swam out to it. The waves were up a little so I allowed them to carry me at right angles and landed at the far side of the beach. Unconcerned I then strolled back past all the lovely ladies, (gut in, chest out, doing my best “bronzed Aussie” impression, not a care in the world), and wondered why Adrienne was standing with the lifeguards waving her arms around – unbeknown to me she had lost sight of me, and thought I’d done a Harold Holt!! So still in no hurry I dutifully arrived and was publicly assaulted by my wife who thought I had drowned and was trying to stir up the lifeguards in a mixture of Italian, French and English. The lifeguards were doubly relieved as there were a couple of young lovelies in tow and to take the boat out would have been an uncalled for distraction from their main aim of the day….
  • Friday we went for a Camino training walk – 2 hours 15 minutes to do about 12 kms along the beach. We were pretty pleased with ourselves, but buggered in the heat, and had to have an afternoon nap before going back to the beach 😊  for a cool off. The beach actually fills up after 5pm as people come down for an evening socialise. We played spot the POM – they are the ones who after a day on the beach are beetroot colour!!
  • The last three photos are from our roof terrace. Carovigno is not a “pretty” town but we like it.
    Our local green grocer and wine shop
    Every morning they ring the bells at 7 am

    Last night’s sunset. With the clouds we were able to have dinner outside on the roof terrace – it was a very nice change from looking out from the air con.




4 thoughts on “Week 13 – Heatwave in Europe”

  1. Loving the blog and the photos – so jealous it’s been cold here but this past week have to say it’s been like spring 20-24 not bad for winter. Looks amazing I’m starting tonplan our next adventure 😜😜
    Love to you both xx

  2. Fine work guys, most interesting read. You are in Europe in a very hot summer, I can imagine what the Poms look like at the beach πŸ™‚

    Warmed up a bit in old Kellyville town, this morning was about 18c when I teed off at Castle Hill and warmed up from there. Settled back home after the US trip, enjoying some late winter gardening, you can feel spring is not far away, some serious tree trimming at back of pool and reinvigorating Lorries rose garden. Just finished watcing the series call the Dictectorists on Netflixs, very quirky English show, in case you want something odd to watch πŸ™‚ Well guys take care of yourselves and you Grant, that swimming thing can sometimes turm out less fun, be happy folk get worried about you. Enjoy your days.

  3. The photos are certainly going to be good memories, just like the food & vino, long live the Italian picky dinner.

  4. Hi you two, I still love to read your stories and look to all the fotos, most places I know and I wish to be there too. Here it is hot too, we have 34 degree and the lake now has 25,6 degree, too much. But every night I go for a swim. I decided to return to Ostuni middle of September for one month, my apartment is not occupied and I am happy to be in Puglia again…… specially when I see all your fotos, I am homesick. Looking forward to read more of your adventures

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