Week 28 – A place in the winter sun

  • With only three weeks to go in our gap year we decided to have a quiet week and find some different walks around Marbella. As the photos show the tourists are few and almost all are baby boomers like us. But the weather is really nice – sunny and low 20’s so it’s still very pleasant.
Marbella – a few weeks ago this beach and waterfront was pumping – not much demand now for sunbeds and umbrellas – we baby boomers prefer a walk and then a cafe for beer and rosado
Fuengirola – the English place in the winter sun, but not many tourists left here either
Castillo Sohail near Fuengirola – 10th century Moorish castle – makes the walk rather more interesting than Kellyville park
Playa San Pedro – same story, but at least we could get a table!
  • We really feel for the dozens of Africans who walk up and down the beaches all day, laden with cheap knockoff handbags, beachwraps, sunglasses and other cheap junk trying to earn a living off the tourists. In the last few days we have seen them becoming more desperate as there are few folks lying on the beach, and less interested in their wares. I think many are in for a long winter until the weather warms up in April.
    Endless cheap knockoffs

    How many cheap handbags can a girl want !!!
  • We have done some walks around Benahavis and found another country walk yesterday. It was reminiscent of the Camino and was a nice change from walking the waterfronts. The local councils in Europe put a lot of effort into the walking trails – they are clean and well marked and make it so easy to head off without fear of getting lost.
The irrigation canal like most local rivers was dry
I have no idea why Adrienne took a jacket – it was about 23oC!!
But then a Spanish river with water flowing – quite a change
  • All in all a very relaxing week – if walking 10 – 12 km and swimming each day can be called relaxing, but we have both lost a number of kgs on our gap year and are determined to go home fitter and healthier than when we left.
  • Next week we are heading for Cordoba, our last road trip, and a day trip to Gibraltar if the weather is ok.

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