Week 4 – Bike tour, sightseeing and more shoes

  • Saturday – Adrienne’s cousin Pauline arrived from NZ after a very long trip, so we went sightseeing – after pizza and prosecco in Ostuni piazza of course.
  • Sunday – the community bike ride for Santa Rita – a brilliant day – we joined about 120 folks from San Vito and rode about 8 kms to a big Masseria.
Pauline, Adrienne, Gino, Grant
  • In case there were any problems we had the local ambulance bringing up the rear!
San Vito community bike ride
  • We arrived at the Masseria and joined in the mass – with a difference – we were on hay bales with all the animals gathered about. The priest even welcomed the visitors from Australia, so honoured guests.
Sunday mass for Santa Rita – Father doing the sacrament
A whole herd of donkeys – the shepherd next door would think he was at an orgy …
Gino suggested we could save money – 5 litres for E10 – too heavy for the bike, but it was actually quite drinkable!
  • And you know you are in Italy when one of the kids was playing up during mass, Gino’s wife, Luisa, gave him a slap, squeezed his check,  and then a good dressing down – the kid’s father came over and joined in – on Luisa’s side!!
  • After mass came the morning tea Italian style – a complete scrum, (Italians don’t do queues), but wow – bruschetta,  fabulous fresh cheeses and salamis from the Masseria, local wine, (of course), it could not have been better – a very special day.

But some very sore bums the next day – you may not forget how to ride a bike, but after 40 years the bum does!!

Adrienne wanted a photo of bikes and hay bales – speaks for itself I guess …
  • Yesterday we went to Lecce – “The Bologna of the south” – very impressive baroque city – all visitors will get a trip here.
  • Il Duomo in Lecce


This just a side chapel in Il Duomo
A pretty impressive front gate
Adrienne has decided to go native and get a scooter – it has to match her red shoes!

But to the most important activity for the week – more shoes – we made the daily sales budget for the the Geox shoe store in Mesagne this morning – 3 pairs in one sale.

Adrienne’s FMFs
The models

    And even I joined in
  • We are about to have Adrienne’s language school classmates over for dinner, and then on Friday Gino and Luisa are coming to make pizzas in the forno. Adrienne is going to make a pavlova – will blow them away – photos in the next edition.
  • Ciao for now



5 thoughts on “Week 4 – Bike tour, sightseeing and more shoes”

  1. hi thanks for the update was starting to feel a bit of withdrawal needed a grantandadi fix.. 🙂
    honestly just loving all the news and pics.
    want a photo of Adrienne on a Vespa “please”….

  2. Hi, G and A, loving all your reports and photos, what an a awesome time you are having, and you can never have too many shoes, go you, see if you can buy 20 pairs before you come back xxx

  3. They say it is only two weeks between a good and a bad haircut – time must be flying or you were wildly exaggerating as you are looking quite the man abroad complete with bag. Adie and Pauline also representing with awesome shoe selections. xx

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