Week 6 – Visitors and more sightseeing

  • A full on week of sightseeing with the Campbells and Hughes. Weather was great and a big effort on our part to lift the Italian economy.
Bruce and Grant in Savelletri
Front gate of Masseria Brancanti
  • The visitors headed for the Amalfi coast and we had a few days of domestic chores and lying on the beach.
Santa Sabina beach about 10 minutes away
  • On Sunday we drove up to Bari – it’s the biggest city in Puglia – we did not know what to expect but were very pleasantly surprised by the Centro Storico¬† dominated by a 10th century Norman castle and a number of serious cathedrals and churches. We could not do them all so will be going back when we get more visitors in July.
Bari Castle – it only has 3 corner towers – the other one housed the gunpowder and blew up

One thought on “Week 6 – Visitors and more sightseeing”

  1. Hi Guys,
    What a Life!!!
    I’ve finally got a few minutes to spare and look at your blog, then dream of whats to come.
    Only 3 more sleeps and 1 more day at work, YIPEEEEEE
    We have to have the car at Brindisi airport by 6pm so, shall we make that pick up time Grant.
    Will be in touch before then anyway to confirm.
    I’m frantically applying layers of sudden tan, so hopefully I will blend in with you bronzed holiday makers. Keep checking out the sites, we can’t wait for you to be our tour guides and translator.
    Addio Sorella Helen xx

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